About Us

Hi, we are a husband and wife duo living in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia.   We have 6 children altogether, but our four children, we home-school in a big white house in the Noosa Hinterland.

We have always thought of ourselves as two halves of one whole, us against the world, if we don’t work nothing else does, but it’s amazing the rhythm that you slip into as a couple and day to day life. Our growth came from acknowledging that we were putting the kids, the house, time and money, before our own personal needs. Knowing that that was our start point, physically seeing the size that we had gotten to and also the awareness of medicating those extra twinges and niggles happening more frequently was not how we wanted to be ; let alone that being the example being set for our children. It was time to regather, reconnect and just press play.

We want to share in this empowering journey that is becoming your best self. As we have had to build ourselves from scratch after many years of bench sitting. Health and fitness is not a sprint, it’s not about fad diets and flogging one’s self in the gym. It is about self-care and self-respect knowing that you want to live your best life with no limitations and that your loved ones get to have your best as well. We really believe that everyone’s individual journey is unique to them; we do not compare one individual to another. We use this mentality when we are home schooling our children as much as we do when we are training our clients. Our goal is to help you become your best version of you, not to beat somebody else’s best results. We ourselves are both on a journey to our own goals and we only measure against our own best efforts.  

We know that if we don’t feel our best we can’t give our best to each other or our family and friends. The positive ripples that you will create around you, from making one simple decision to accept where your start point is and commit to yourself, is immeasurable and once those good habits are established they are yours for ever.

Health and fitness is not about losing the weight, it’s about gaining life.

Why Contender?

We would love to share why we decided to call our business Contender. This business has been in the works for the whole time we have lived in Kin Kin. Our previous fitness business was called Game Plan Sports Solutions; which at the time was perfect for the development and sports analysis that we offered. After throwing numerous names around that would reflect both of our personalities and fitness mentality, one word sang true to how we face both our challenges, regardless of how different they are…….. Contender. We believe that a contender is a competitor that truly believes in themselves, no matter the odds, no matter the adversity, they continue to try. Their goals may evolve, their training may find a new focus but the underlying promise to be the best you that you can be, is visceral. We’ve all had those ambitions or dreams in our lives that we haven’t quite reached or we’ve put on the back burner because of age, body shape, injury or lifestyle. The journey to get to those goals is the most important part, you set your progress, each tiny step forward is a step in the right direction. Be your champion and back yourself.

Life is a game and so it should be fun, our logo represents the goals we strive for, The shield is the prize, the basketball texture is the fun, you need to have on this journey and the play symbol is about just starting.

Ready to Play?