Meet Jon

Professionally I constantly am trying to better myself as a trainer, coach and sports industry academic. I have spent more than ten years working in the sports industry holding roles with clubs as Strength and conditioning coach, Development Officer, operating my own athlete development business and more. I have also worked within multiple high performance sports programs as a coach, primarily with gifted junior athletes and teams having great success in personal development and competition results.

I constantly am trying to better myself as a husband, father and athlete to achieve my own personal goals.  I moved to Kin Kin in 2017 with my wife Veronica (Vee) and our 4 children, this moved proved to be inspiration for pursuing my passion in sports and fitness, on my own terms. Specifically helping those like me who are busy with life and family but prioritise their health and fitness and who face challenges head on and know that there is not failure unless you give up.

In February 2019 after some time away from all sporting activities I had a major injury where I ruptured my Achilles tendon playing social basketball.  I spent months in a boot with limited movement and unfortunately this took a toll on my body, I ended up weighing around 120kgs and was in very poor condition. Now, more than 18 months after the injury, I am back doing a variety of training 6 days per week; including weights, Hiit, boxing and field sessions. I am focused now on getting strong and eating a mostly clean diet (we all have our vices that we can enjoy and mine are homemade choc chip cookies) At 40 years of age, I am fitter and healthier than I have in years, I want to share this journey with you and be able you help you achieve your goals because everyone deserves to feel this great.

As an only child growing up in Western Sydney in the 1980’s with two happily married, loving parents, I got everything that I wanted. I was generally active as a child but became sports mad when I hit my teens. I would play just about anything (except cricket….yuck), but I showed the most promise in rugby league and basketball to the point of representing elite programs for both sports. As the contract offers and development opportunities presented themselves, I did what most teenagers do and took the opportunities for granted. I maintained my love of sport, playing and coaching social sport during the 90’s until life lead me away from even that passion.

I became a father at 18 and then had my second child at 21. My kids and work were my priority, so not much time for passion projects. I started a career in retail, for years working my way up the management ladder that left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. So I started searching for that job that would give me security and some sense of personal achievement. I acquired many hats in that time, retail manager; call centre operator, bank teller, logistics manager and loss prevention manager, sound fun?

I became a single parent when I was 22 with my children living with me. This difficult and significant moment in my life lead me on the right path to where I needed to be at that time. When I was 24 the most important moment of my life happened……..I met my wife. I credit this wonderful, amazing and beautiful woman for all of the things that I have accomplished since we met. I went to university at the age of 29 and graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Sports Coaching and Administration, I received the Pearson Award for outstanding university performance across all Australian universities, and I became a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach and worked with the Canterbury Bulldogs doing community outreach programs locally and internationally.

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